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Gabriel Stone, a historical investigator, has journey through the annals of American history for more than three decades.


His writings have breathed life into forgotten stories, those that once held a captive collection of imagination in their time, only to be mercilessly discarded as the years passed.

Among some of his investigative cases is the poignant tale of Lucille Soderberg, a name etched into the chronicles of a quaint hamlet called Madison, Minnesota. In the year 1919, a confluence of despair led to an unthinkable act of infanticide and suicide woven together by the threads of a family's dark secret.

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This tragedy was an unsolved enigma for over eight decades, until Stone's investigation unraveled a truth which lead to a public hearing in the halls of justice.

Stone also challenged the legal system in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Naomi Cheney, an American Army WAC officer, was found murdered in 1943. Stone embarked on an odyssey that transcended the boundaries of mere investigation.  A clash of ideals emerged as he wrestled with local law enforcement over access to records which eventually lead to a fight to change the law in the chambers of the state legislator in Pierre, South Dakota.

Stone's pursuits of historical justice continued in La Crosse, Wisconsin where he found Evelyn Hartley ensnared in the mists of a 1953 kidnapping that had gripped the local townspeople for more than five decades.


Stone's investigation into this case breathed life into a lost reel-to-reel tape which he discovered with secrets long concealed. The very voices of the past on the tape spoke incriminating truths, reigniting the fervor of local law enforcement towards a crime half a century dormant.


As a departure from his customary path, Gabriel Stone embarks upon a literary odyssey that melds his investigative prowess with the enchanting realm of historical fiction.


In his maiden venture, Stone breathes life into Edmund Blythe, a protagonist kindled by the fires of fact and imagination. Stone's craft transcends mere storytelling, for it becomes a pilgrimage to the altar of justice, a series of chronicles that whispers in the ears of characters and readers alike, invoking the eternal pursuit of righteousness.

So now, as Gabriel Stone unfurls his literary sails, he beckons you to join him in the unfolding epic of his debut novel, Bloodline of Betrayal.

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